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Sheila Brittain, MA, MFTi, MA, MFTi
Supervised by Ron Diliberto, LCSW

Lyra Barrera, Psy.D.

I embrace the profession of marriage and Family therapy with a wealth of life experiences that include over 30 years in social services and real estate management. I have been trained in the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) and I'm a trained Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist working towards certification. This combined with internships at South Central Training Consortium, and Southern California Counseling Center prepared me to work with individuals, caregivers, and victims of domestic violence. I bring this and maturity into my therapeutic practice.

My role as an agent of change is to create and maintain a safe and trusting environment where individuals can explore a new way of being and existing. We don't get to choose our family of origin, but we do get to choose how we are going to be in our many interactions with others. The investments we make in our lives are reflected in our daily living. Our beliefs, perceptions, and feelings guide us as we live our lives. Allowing individuals to create their own truth through exploration and empowerment can bring understanding and hope as they encounter a new way of living.

I believe change and healing occurs as a result of a collaborative and relational experience. I bring an open, curious mind and a full heart as we make the journey together to a better life.

Congratulations on wanting to improve yours....

Signe Grant, MA, MFTI
Supervised by Lynne Rosen, LCSW

Lyra Barrera, Psy.D.

As a marriage and family therapist I offer a judgement free space in which I hope to explore with my clients their struggles as well as their strengths, resources and wisdom. When the stories we tell ourselves, (our often critical inner voice) begin to feature problems more than strengths, my hope is to discover together possibilities for change. I take a creative approach to therapy and I value the unique individual and the individual struggle whenever I am invited to explore along with my clients. Just as anxiety and depression show up differently for each of us, so too do the joys and challenges of relationship, work, parenting and community building. Viewing my clients as unique individuals in specific contexts allows me to bring my curiosity and my empathy into a wide open space for collaborative exploration.

I have worked with with a broad range of individuals, couples and children from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. In addition to working with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, gender identity, and dissociation, I am inspired by collaborating with trauma survivors, as well as adolescents who are exploring the richness of identity and the parents who support such explorations.

I have received my Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, and I have a BA in African Studies and Anthropology from Columbia University. I studied at the National Shakespeare Conservatory and I have an extensive background in the performing arts.


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Joshua Beckett, MA, MFTi
Supervised by Larry Zucker, LCSW

Lyra Barrera, Psy.D.

We often forget that our first experience of the world is a shared one; that by nature we are relational beings. Which is why therapy can be so powerful. When our experience of pain exceeds our capacity to handle that pain—when we experience trauma—it is through connection with another that healing occurs.

We all contain multitudes, to paraphrase Walt Whitman. That is, there is no one, true self. We are all made of many "selves." Culture, context, and relationship all inform who we are at any given time. We all have different experiences of self. In fact, the self is a moment to moment process of emergence. There is, however, what you might call a "preferred self," the self whose story you are most interested in exploring and nurturing. My aim is to support your preferred experience of self, and help you in living out narratives that support the development and emergence of your preferred self.

I am a graduate of Antioch University, Los Angeles, where I earned my masters degree in clinical psychology, with a specialization in trauma. For the last year I have been counseling adults and teens, survivors of intimate partner & domestic violence, and survivors of sexual assault. I also co-facilitate groups of men who are adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Brendan Bonner MA, MFTi
Supervised by Aaron Buckwalter, LMFT

Lyra Barrera, Psy.D.

The decision to come to therapy is not an easy one; the road is paved with images and ideas which say we should take care of things on our own. This sense of individuality pervades our lives, yet, I believe that much of who we are is actually found within our relationships. The decision to come to therapy can be a revolutionary act, one that takes an inner strength especially when the world "should" you into handling it all on your own.

So much of our lives have already been defined for us. I am not here to define your life for you, but to assist you in finding meaning in it for yourself. I work collaboratively and come from a post-modern perspective. I earned both a BA in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. I spent many years in acting and writing, know what it is to live in Los Angeles as an artist and the possible anxiety and isolation that may come with that territory. I am currently working at the Southern California Counseling Center where I work with an amazingly diverse clientele that includes individuals, couples, families and children.

Yekta Nikou, MA, MFTi
Supervised by Larry Zucker, LCSW

Lyra Barrera, Psy.D.

I seek to invite your unique experiences in life as well as foster a sense of personal empowerment. I'm interested in exploring how we make meaning of our lives in relation to our world, especially examining how external forces such as social influence, familial and cultural histories might influence the stories we tell and come to identify with. With a background in artistic fields, I hold great value in the creative process and I believe in building a relationship of trust and constant respect. My approach is that of an active collaborator in order to better understand and help you move towards your hopes and preferences in life.

As someone who is bicultural and grew up around the world, I find myself very mindful of the powerful dichotomy between forced narratives versus subjective experience. I've worked with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families, while taking into account how culture, class and gender may influence our felt experience of the world.

Mark Schiff, MA, MFTi
Supervised by Nancy Steiny, PhD, MFT

Lyra Barrera, Psy.D.

I believe in therapy. Therapeutic conversations help us navigate the constraints and dilemmas we all face; they help us follow the path most in line with the values and beliefs most important to us. We each have ongoing stories about our lives. These stories are written by multiple authors: ourselves, of course, but also our family, community, culture, and society. Some of these stories empower and embolden. Others constrain and limit. Therapeutic conversations help bring to awareness the sometimes-invisible process of how these stories are created and then help us choose which stories are useful in living a meaningful life; which stories we want to thicken and which we hope to let go. I myself have benefited— and continue to benefit— from therapy. I am committed to providing that benefit to others.

I have been privileged to work with clients facing a wide range of dilemmas, but I particularly enjoy working with:
• Men, especially those who have been convinced that therapy is not for
   them because talking about problems represents weakness
• Adolescents struggling to find their path in life
• Couples working to improve communication and deepen connection
• Individuals who do not fit in with our society's traditional sexual or gender

In all cases, I believe in working collaboratively; I do not give advice or instruct clients how to live their lives. Instead, we work together, distinguishing the shape of problems and then searching out ways to facilitate transformation and growth.

I earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. I currently work and train at the Southern California Counseling Center. I look forward to connecting with you on your journey.