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Larry Zucker, LCSW

In practicing for over twenty years in medical, inpatient, outpatient, residential, organizational and community settings, I continue to feel inspired by the clients who consult me. One intention I hold is to move beyond the idea that change is solely an individual accomplishment, and toward an ethic of relational responsibility and a keen awareness of social context as the means for constructing meaningful, sustainable transformation. I invite clients to explore ways of being that are sustaining of the well-being of relationships. Through exploring different ways of talking, we create different ways of relating to ourselves and to others, bringing forward new perspectives and alternative possibilities for action. My favorite proverb is an African one: “Until lions have historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter.” I believe that in bringing forward lions tales, stories and experiences at the margins, there is wisdom and knowledge that can transport us all to places we have never been. I have had a long-standing interest in working with women who have taken their lives back from the effects of eating problems, trauma and abuse. Other areas of interest include:

• Helping couples explore ways to coordinate relationships that are
  mutually satisfying and meaningful
• Pressures and politics of managing the competing demands of work,
  relationships and self-care
• The insidious effects of heterosexism, racism, economic inequality
  and sexism in our lives
• Dictates, joys, contradictions and messiness of mothering
• So-called single life after 30
• The discovery of and expression of eroticism in our lives
• Constructing masculinities that support the well-being of relationships
• Integrating mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology in change work

In addition to my clinical experience, I was Core Faculty and Director of the Postmodern Therapy Training Program at Phillips Graduate Institute for many years and I continue to enjoy teaching and supervising in many contexts.  I am passionate about facilitating public conversations around divisive issues in community and organizational settings.  Currently, I am excited to be working under the tutelage of Kenneth Gergen, PhD, on a dissertation researching how mothers and teenage sons coordinate their relationship in mutually satisfying ways, honoring and circulating their wisdom and gifts. 

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