Larchmont Associates
Margery Shelton, LCSW

My career as Social Worker began in the mid 1970's. I received my M.S.W. from the University of Iowa and took two years postgraduate training in Couples and Family Therapy from the Menninger Foundation. I have studied collaborative organizational change processes and particularly leadership in a program from Tilburg University and the Taos Institute.

I am now living in Salem, Oregon, where my focus is on Organizational Development, Leadership Training and Consulting and Public Dialogue.

During my career in Los Angeles, I applied my Social Work education in working with systems of many sizes from micro to macro. I'm proud to have been a founding member of Larchmont Associates. It is there I had a private practice focusing primarily on psychotherapy for many years. In addition to that I worked at The Relational Center where I served first at the Training Director of the Organizations and Community Concentration and later as the Director of the Institute for Public Dialogue. Prior to that I held the positions of Clinical Director of the Southern California Counseling Center, Clinical Director of the Valley Family Center and Director of Clinical Training Programs of California Family Counseling Center/Phillips Graduate Institute. I have taught at the U.S.C. School of Social Work, Phillips Graduate Institute and Alliant University. In addition I have led workshops and trainings nationally and internationally.

While not currently in Los Angeles, I remain committed to conversations for change. Such conversations may be with individuals, couples, families, communities or organizations. In all cases I hold the value of dialogue. That requires listening, respect, and curiosity. My experience has shown me that engaging with clients in that way builds a collaborative relationship and encourages rich conversation about clients' strengths and the problems they encounter. My passion is helping people who are committed to social change work collaboratively. My offerings include:

Leadership and executive coaching
Structured group dialogues such as Appreciative Inquiry, Public Conversations, Art of Hosting, and World Café
• Change management
• Strategic planning
Coaching organizations and individuals through transitions
• Facilitating group meetings to develop strategies, overcome obstacles, and realize innovations
• Providing consulting services to help leverage change and create an inspiring organization culture
• Specific offerings for women's leadership development

Please visit my personal website for more information.

We announce the International Master Class: Dialogue and the Arts of Transformative Change Work led by Maggie Shelton, MSW, and Dian Marie Hosking, PhD and sponsored by Relational Change. This class will be held June 14-17, 2016, in Malvern, Worcestershire, England. Please click here for more information.

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