Founded in 1991 by the late Nancy Steiny, Larchmont Associates is a group of psychotherapists located on historic Larchmont Boulevard in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. We are sole practitioners with varied backgrounds and perspectives, but we are all guided by clinical and political philosophies that honor the strengths and resources of the people seeking our services. We work with individuals of all ages, genders, and ethnic and racial backgrounds; people in intimate relationships and marriages; and with family and non-family groupings of all sorts. 

In addition to practicing psychotherapy, we are variously involved in teaching, training, and supervising therapists, clinical and organizational consultation, and community action on social justice issues.

As part of our work in 2009, we created California Therapists for Marriage Equality (CTME), an activism project that initiated an ongoing, statewide dialogue that successfully inspired two of our national and state professional organizations to make policy changes in support of marriage equality.

In 2010, we added a second location on Larchmont and expanded the number of principal therapists in the practice. The therapist you reach out to will be located either at 252 N. Larchmont in Suite 202 or at 143 N. Larchmont on the second floor.

We welcome all inquiries about the nature of our work and services, and encourage clinical referrals to the members of our practice.